Motorcycle or Car Day Trips

The four corners area provides some of the most breath taking scenic rides. In Colorado you have curvy mountainous two lane roads. In New Mexico wide open expanses. In Arizona Beautiful topography to view. Utah has a combination of all of the states. From the Mancos area a full days ride you can cross five passes, or ride in and out of four states.  

Telluride day trip

Telluride Colorado is located north of Mancos on Colorado State 145. You will ride through the wonderful Dolores River Vally, over Lizaed head Pass to the Telluride turn off. Through Telluride at the north end of the valley is Bridal Veil Falls, this is a great view. This trip takes about three hours turn around time. But plan on spending some time just window shopping in Telluride.

Four States in one day

Ok, for the Iron butt crowd. There is a all day loop that will take you in and out of all four states in the four corners area.  Starting in Mancos take U.S. 160 through Cortez, continue south/south west following the signs to the Four Corners Monument. A stop here to see the Monument will cost you around five dollars per bike.  Leaving the Monument continue south to Tec Nos Pos, Arizona. Follow the signs westerly to Keyenta, Arizona. You will be entering Monument Valley. At the stop light in Keyenta turn right (north) on to U.S. 163. The road into Monument Valley is not paved all the way so check at one of the Service Stations in Keyenta before heading out.  After Monument Valley you will cross into Utah. Mexican Hat (geological site) will be on your right watch for it. You will pass through three small towns on this leg of your trip Mexican Hat, Bluff, and Blanding. There is fuel and food in all three towns.  You will continue north into Monticello, Utah turn on to U.S. 491 at the traffic light. This leg will take you back into Colorado. You will pass through Dove Creek, Colorado and continue south into Cortez. When you get into Cortez turn left to get back onto U.S. 160. This ride will take a solid eight hours, but it is well worth it.

News Paper Rock and Moab,Utah

For the Amateur Archeologist rider there is News Paper Rock Utah. From Mancos you can either take U.S. 160 or Co. State 184. If you take U.S. 160 ride west into Cortez, at Burger King turn right (north) on to U.S. 491. continue on U.S. 491 until it ends in Monticello, Utah. If you take Colorado State 184 ride north out of Mancos towards Dolores. At the intersection of 184 and 145 turn left ride about a mile turn right back onto 184. Follow it to the dead end where it intersects U. S. 491. Turn right and head for Monticello, Utah. In Monticello at the light turn right, heading toward Moab, Utah. About fifteen miles out of Monticello will be the road to News Paper Rock. Watch for Utah 211, its on your left. Be careful as you get close to News Paper Rock the road is very steep and has some nice sharp corners. After you see News Paper Rock your have to back track to U.S. 191, your choice are a right, back to Monticello, or left to Moab. Moab is a great town some nice places to eat. Moab is mountain bicycle and 4X4 heaven. But, bikers still can have a good time too. 

High Altitude ride

Five Passes in one day! From Mancos turn east towards Durango on U.S. 160. Once in Durango turn left at the traffic light onto U. S. 50 towards Silverton. This is a very scenic route and very mountainous, so be warned! You will continue on U.S. 50 all the past Silverton, Ouray and Ridgeway. When you arrive at the turn off to Silverton turn to your left towards Ouray. Ride through Ouray to Ridgeway. At the traffic light in Ridgeway turn left onto Highway 62. On the west side of the Dallas Divide watch for the intersection of 145 and 62. Here you turn left and ride towards Telluride. As you near Telluride watch for the intersection of 145 and the main road into Telluride. You have to turn right. Follow 145 through Rico into Dolores. On the west end of Dolores you can either take 184 back to Mancos or stay on 145 to Cortez, then take 160 back to Mancos. Either way its a great ride. This trip will take you about six to eight hours depending on the stops you make on the way.